Selected Clips | Technology & Entrepreneurship

  • Chegg’s New Chapter | Forbes
    I wrote about disruption in the textbook industry, and one startup's efforts to unseat Amazon, B&N and Apple.
  • Could entrepreneurship jump-start Greece's economy? | Reuters
    I traveled to Athens to report on Greece's nascent startup scene.
  • Funding Universe Matches Entrepreneurs With Loans. Is the Advice Worth the Price? | Forbes
    I challenged the questionable practices of a Utah company that acts as a matchmaker between clients and lenders.
  • Venture Capitalism for Spy Games | Fortune
    I profiled In-Q-Tel, the CIA's little-known investment arm, which invests in technology startups that can help the intelligence community.
  • SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg on Tech Valuations, Growth and an IPO | Forbes
    I spoke with SurveyMonkey's CEO about his company's future.
  • Impact 30 | Forbes
    I conceived of and created Forbes' inaugural list of the world's leading social entrepreneurs.
  • Biker Bajaj | Forbes Asia
    I traveled to India for a Forbes Asia cover story about Bajaj Auto, a motorcycle and scooter manufacturer that resurrected itself after years of decline.
  • A Step Ahead | Forbes
    I went shoe shopping with Zappos founder Tony Hsieh, before he sold the company to Amazon.
  • For the Price of Designer Jeans, a 'Wetsuit' That Saves Lives | Forbes
    I profiled the entrepreneurs behind a neoprene device that stems blood loss from postpartum hemorrhaging in the developing world.
  • Beating a New Path for Commuters | Forbes
    I navigated traffic with the unlikely entrepreneur behind urban bike share programs.