Below is a sample of some of my favorite clips. They include a range of topics, including foreign policy, criminal justice and public health. I've also written hundreds of stories about technology and entrepreneurs.

  • The Long Island Jihadist | The New Yorker Online
    I reported on an 18-year-old Long Island teenager who turned to jihad.
  • Can Venture Capital Save the World? | Forbes
    I traveled to Pakistan for a Forbes cover story about a radical new way to solve poverty.
  • Slim’s Chance | Forbes
    I profiled the world's richest man and spent four hours interviewing him in Mexico City.
  • Casting a Lifeline to Disabled Veterans | The New York Times
    I profiled an organization that uses fly-fishing as rehabilitative therapy for wounded veterans.
  • Bolivia's coca: A staple crop and seed of U.S. disapproval | The Washington Post
    I traveled deep into the Bolivian Andes to report on the country’s coca industry, and U.S. efforts to clamp down on it.
  • Iranian cash builds bonds with Bolivia | The Washington Post
    I wrote about Iran’s efforts to gain a foothold in Bolivia.
  • Tainted Booty | Forbes
    I uncovered the disingenuous claims of a popular food company.
  • Kiss of Death: A Parasite Threatens Latin American Immigrants | The Atlantic
    I traveled to Bolivia to report on a little-known, fatal disease that could affect hundreds of thousands of Americans.
  • Child Workers of Bolivia, Unite! | Foreign Policy
    I wrote about child workers in Bolivia, and their surprising efforts to unionize.
  • Are Pregnant Women’s Rights at Risk? | Marie Claire
    I examined a controversial court case in Indiana, involving a pregnant woman and charges of "feticide."